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Costa Rica


Key Experiences

• Yoga
• Breathwork

• Reiki
• Guided Meditation
• Integration Ceremony
• Guided Experiences


womens retreats

Costa Rica Spiritual Wellness Retreat
Awakening the Goddess Within

Throughout the retreat, participants will have opportunities for one-on-one guidance with experienced facilitators, access to healing modalities such as Reiki and massage therapy massage therapy, and nourishing meals designed to support their spiritual journey. The retreat will take place in a serene natural setting, allowing participants to immerse themselves fully in the transformative experience of connecting with their inner goddesses.

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Retreat Information

5-Day Retreat

February, 2025

Note: This is an all-inclusive Women's retreat immersion experience. This includes all accommodations, transportation, activities, a dedicated activities and tour guide (option for additional excursions available for an added fee).


Flight to Costa Rica NOT included. We are happy to provide consulting services when searching for airfare. Upon purchasing your airfare, please inform our team ASAP so we can organize your transportation.

12 Spots Available

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Day 1: Embracing Your Divine Feminine Essence
– Welcome and Introductions
Workshop: Understanding the Concept of Goddess Archetypes
Guided Meditation: Connecting with Your Inner Goddess
– Afternoon Session: Yoga and Movement to Awaken Feminine Energy
– Evening Ritual: Setting Intentions for the Retreat

Day 2: Nurturing Self-Love & Acceptance
– Morning Session: Self-Compassion and Forgiveness Workshop
– Group Sharing Circle: Sharing Personal Journeys and Insights
– Creative Expression Activity: Art Therapy or Journaling
– Afternoon Session: Healing Ritual Bath and Spa Time
– Evening Meditation: Cultivating Self-Love and Acceptance

Day 3: Honoring Your Body & Sensuality
– Morning Session: Body Positivity and Sensuality Workshop
– Outdoor Activity: Nature Walk or Dance in Nature
– Healthy Cooking Class: Nourishing Your Body with Love
– Afternoon Session: Sensory Exploration and Mindful Eating Exercise
– Evening Celebration: Sacred Dance and Fire Ceremony

Day 4: Cultivating Inner Strength & Power
– Morning Session: Empowerment and Assertiveness Training
– Workshop: Harnessing Your Intuition and Inner Wisdom
– Group Activity: Empowering Affirmations and Mantra Practice
– Afternoon Session: Partner Yoga and Trust Exercises
– Evening Ritual: Fire Release Ceremony for Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Day 5: Integration & Celebration
– Morning Session: Reflections and Integration Circle
– Closing Ceremony: Sharing Gratitude and Blessings
– Group Activity: Creating Vision Boards for Empowered Living
– Final Meditation: Embracing Your Goddess Self
– Farewell Brunch: Sharing and Connecting Before Departure

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How to Register


Unlock the path to inspiration and transformation.  Schedule a quick 15-minute DISCOVERY phone call now to unveil the remarkable details of our life-changing event.


We are delighted that you will be joining us for what promises to be a life-changing experience.  To secure your spot, simply fill out the registration form.


Once you've secured spot and completed your Discovery Call for the transformative and extraordinary retreat, you will be sent a link for payment.

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Are you ready to unlock the hidden treasures of your soul?

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